El cantante (2006)

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The rise and fall of salsa singer, Héctor Lavoe (1946-1993), as told from the perspective of his wife Puchi, who looks back from 2002. In the early 1960s, Héctor arrives in New York from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Success comes quickly. "The more he grew as an artist," Puchi says, "the more he sank as a person." It's a tale of talent - creating salsa with Willie Colón, with the Fania All Stars, and as a soloist - and a story of disintegration - fueled by drugs, alcohol, partying, and depression. Puchi's voice - proud and querulous - dominates off-stage as Héctor's does on.
Alfredo Suarez as Salsa dancer
Vianca Mercedes as Bartender
Danny A. Abeckaser as Sound Engineer
Douglas J. Aguirre as Multi- Media Producer
Marc Anthony as Hector Lavoe
Christopher Becerra as Tito
Denise Blasor as Voice over artist (voice)
Michael Caputo as Salsa dancer
Ivan Cardona as Salsa dancer
Federico Castelluccio as Jerry Masucci
Marcus Collins as Photographer
Abraham De Funes as Family Member
Anibal De Gracia as Trombonist
Romi Dias as Priscilla
Glenda Dopazo as Carmen
Brother Eden Douglas as Street SaxMan -1987 (as Brother Douglas)
Vaneik Echeverria as Bartender 1
Jared Everleth as Tito - 4 yrs.old
J. Teddy Garces
Melissa Gonzalez as Fania All Star Groupie
Bernard Hernandez as Tito
Vincent Laresca as Ralph Mercado
Hector A. Leguillow as Pianist for Hector Lavoe Band,1968 Band
Jennifer Lopez as Puchi
Deirdre Lorenz as Willie's Girl
David Marquez as Boogaloo Line Dancer
Chiko Mendez as Backup Singer
Jack Mulcahy as Doctor
Andrea Navedo as Puchi's sister
John Ortiz as Willie Colón
Melissa Otero as Salsa dancer
Antone Pagan as Papo (Puchi's Brother)
Jerry Perez as Salsa dancer
Manny Perez as Eddie
Jorge Pupo as Trombonist: Hector Lavoe Band, Willie Colón Band, Fania All Stars Orquestra
Edwin Rivera as Marc Anthony's Best Friend
Yan Ruiz as Voice Over (voice)
Lou Torres as Dayplayer / Piano Player
Nelson Vasquez as Johnny Pacheco
Richie Viruet as Trumpet player
Tito Allen as Singer
Ismael Miranda as Hector's Father
Full cast

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I had a chance to see it even though its not yet on theaters but is such a great movie. The story is basically about Hector Lavoe(Marc Anthony) a very famous salsa singer which died of AIDS and Puchi(Jennifer Lopez)tells the story in this film from the moment he became famous to his death.This film was well done,the acting was incredible with great music. This is probably the best movie so far from Jennifer Lopez since Selena and Out of Sight, she was fantastic.Jennifer L. and Marc A. work great together on the big screen which means this is not another "Gigli" movie. I will go again to see it when I comes out on August 3rd. I really do recommend this movie to everyone.


I saw this film yesterday and I was not that exited to see it but i changed my mind now... this is a great movie filled up with great music. but what i never could think that Jennifer lopez could act like that... she did a great performance and I think that she deserves an Oscar. Marc did a great job too but not that good as Jlo. I rate this movie 5 stars out of 5. One of the best films so far this year.


"Surprisingly Lopez and Anthony give wonderful, powerful performances. This film is a good one and it would not be a shock to see Anthony and/or Lopez receive some award nods for their performances.' I am not a big fan of Jlo or Marc, but I believe they have really did it this time. Marc is a successful performer and JLo probably put everything she had into the role of Puchi to finally prove that she is a good actress, and I commend her for that. What really helps is their amazing chemistry in the movie which should be of no surprise because they are always together anyway. I give credit where credit is due. Jlo was determined to make a comeback and it looks like she's on her way.

Da Flash

The acting is great - a lot more than you would expect from Jennifer Lopez. What a performance!! And Marc Anthony is a pleasant surprise. But the music!!!! WOW. For any fan of salsa and for those who have no idea what this music is and how it stormed through New York and the nation in the 1970's and 1980's, fasten your seat belts for the ride of your life. We were enthralled. We had no idea what to expect - the picture opened and took off like a rocket. Absolutely, see it.


Definately an oscar movie for JLo. What a performance. This movie took me back and forth through a rollercoaster of emotions. It kept me glued to my seat all the while I just wanted to get up and dance . The music was vivid like I heard it back in time. This was a straight up raw nitty gritty no holds bar movie. Not intended to hurt anyone's feeling, it told the truth about what drugs and alcohol can do to a persons health, family and self esteem. The story came from Puchy's account of how it was. I am sure there are many versions, but this was Puchy's version and Marc and JLo brought it to life in the big screen. As a PR I didnot take it personal. it was a true account of how drugs dominated our city during the Salsa explosion. I believe that many people will be able to relate as they look in the mirror and then get tested for HIV. This movie was about El Cantante and no matter how great you are you can fall just as hard. I will definately see it again, buy the soundtrack and DVD!

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