Rango (2011)

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Rango is a pet chameleon always on the lookout for action and adventure, except the fake kind, where he directs it and acts in it. After a car accident, he winds up in an old western town called Dirt. What this town needs the most is water, but they also need a hero and a sheriff. The thirsty Rango instantly takes on the role of both and selfishly agrees to take on the case of their missing water.
Alfred Molina as Roadkill (voice)
Harry Dean Stanton as Balthazar (voice)
Ray Winstone as Bad Bill (voice)
Stephen Root as Doc / Merrimack / Mr. Snuggles (voice)
Johnny Depp as Rango / Lars (voice)
Bill Nighy as Rattlesnake Jake (voice)
Timothy Olyphant as Spirit of the West (voice)
Isla Fisher as Beans (voice)
Blake Clark as Buford (voice)
Abigail Breslin as Priscilla (voice)
Claudia Black as Angelique (voice)
Ian Abercrombie as Ambrose (voice)
Ned Beatty as Mayor (voice)
Gil Birmingham as Wounded Bird (voice)
James Ward Byrkit as Waffles / GordyPapa / Joad / Cousin Murt / Curlie Knife Attacker / Rodent Kid (voice)
Full cast
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I was pretty excited to go and see a cute family movie and was there with an open mind and about 30 minutes in I was extremely disappointed and it kept getting worse. I was surprised after all the sexual innuendo and the inappropriate language kept on going, I couldn't believe it stayed at a PG rating; it was not as family friendly as it appears to be. One or two comments can easily go over a child's head but that was the bulk of the humor that wasn't at all funny, it was just awkward. And if this doesn't phase you, the story was ridiculous and completely unsatisfactory and ineffectual. I wouldn't recommend for children at all, and as an adult that went to see it with my husband and we typically enjoy animations, neither of us enjoyed it at all.


The movie started out way to slow, this is a movie that I kept checking my watch to see if it was almost time to be over, I also fell asleep during the movie. I was awake long enough to hear the snake in the movie tell one of the other characters to "sign the damn papers" and her response was to "Go to Hell". My daughter is 8 years old, this is language she should not hear and in childs movie. There is no reason for this at all. I woudl not reccomend you taking a child under the age of 11 or 12 to see this movie.


Rango is HORRIBLE!!! From the beginning to the end there is absolutely nothing worth seeing. The characters are bland, hard to look at, have zero quality dialog, bad accents, and the scenery is brown and dismal. SAVE YOURSELVES and see anything on television before wasting a moment considering this pathtic movie.


We thought we were going to see a cute story about a lizard. Instead we saw extreme violence, scary images, and death. Not a kids movie! very disapointed. The movie should have been more clearly marketed to adults.


Saw this movie tonight (Mar.4) and was truly disappointed. This is NOT your good ole' Toy Story scenario! This movie IS NOT a quality movie for children and it is unfortunate that many parents will take their children anyway!!!!!Plot and story liine are boring and too long and drawn out and there is too much cursing for children (a number of 'hell's and 'damn's ) along with a rattlesnake character horrifying enough to give kids nightmares for weeks. My spouse and I almost always go to animated movies when they come out, but we both agree that Rango is one of the worst, if not the worst , animated movie we've ever seen. I''ve never written a movie review but I care enough for children to at least try to warn parents about this movie. I read all the good reviews before we went to the movie this evening and thought we'd be seeing a good movie. Goes to show you can't believe all you read.

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