An American Carol (2008)

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At a July 4 barbecue, gramps tells the kids the story of Michael Malone, a documentary filmmaker and Michael Moore look-alike who hates America and wants to abolish July 4th. He refuses to celebrate with his nephew Josh, who's shipping out soon to the Middle East. That night, Michel has a vision of his hero, JFK, who predicts that three ghosts will visit Michael. Sure enough, General Patton, George Washington, and country music star Trace Adkins visit Michael show him the fruits of patriotism, just wars, and pacifism. Meanwhile, Arab terrorists want Malone to help them with a propaganda film. Is he the next Leni Riefenstahl or will he see the light?
Scott Bailey as Celebrity 2
Geoffrey Arend as Mohammed
Chriss Anglin as John F. Kennedy
Morgan Beck as "Free History Term Papers"
Julian Berlin as Woman at Awards Party
Trace Adkins as Angel of Death / Trace Adkins
Randall Bosley as Mussolini
Dana Lyn Baron as Speaker 1940's
Joanne Bowland as Intern
Vicki Browne as Rosie O'Connell
Mark Vafiades as Look Out! It's Those Christians! (as Mark Basil)
Brandon Alter as He's Much Fatter in Person.
Cocoa Brown as Airport Security Guard 1
Mary Castro as Hottie
Gary Coleman as Bacon Stains Malone
Full cast

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For those that lack perspective, this film is a COMEDY, a SPOOF if you will. Has anyone ever watched one of the director's films? And to those that are inferring that this film is a cousin of Nazi type propaganda....I mean, really? Are you serious? Here are the facts: Progressive/Left Wing Nuts are going to lose their minds over the fact that someone pokes fun at them. Imagine the horror once you come fae-to-face that your opinions might be mocked in a society that embraces a concept called Free Speech. The term, "I can dish it out but can't take it" applies here. Just watch how this film catches fire and watch them loose their minds. I for one can't wait!!!


Finally a movie for the "silent majority" to see & totally appreciate! And there wasn't a silent person in the theater. It was non-stop laughs from start to finish and brought a resounding round of applause from the audience at the end. It pretty much took "politcally correct" to task and it's about time that something so honest and so funny came out of Hollywood. Too bad the liberal film-making fools don't understand what a huge market there is in this country for this side of the story to be told. I encourage everyone who is fed up with all the conservative-bashing, religion-bashing, America-bashing to go see it at least once if not more than once and do your part to make this movie a total box office hit. We all need to support the brave souls who put this film together and to let them know we want more of it!!!


Went to see Zucker's movie last night. Not his best, but loved it. Like Zucker, my political persuasions were influenced by 9-11, not least by the fact that I was near the towers that day. Wrapped around the premise that America is a force for good in the world, it has all of Zucker's trademark slapstick gags, timing and execution - a welcome relief from the inferior drivel permeating the market (i.e., Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie, etc.) Zucker uses a caricature of Michael Moore as the vehicle for delivering the message that the U.S. is, in fact, engaged in a war against radical Islam. He also skewers the idealism of college students, the burnt-out, bitter ranks of liberal university professors who enable them and the myriad leftist/anti-capitalist special-interest groups that march on the streets brandishing puppets and signs, and denouncing America. This movie is unlikely to change the mind of liberals. But it is a wish that people like Michael Moore will some day grow up.


This is a must see for anyone who cares about this country and needs a little humor to offset the harm liberal americans are doing to this country. My wife and son also went to see this movie and loved it. There will be some people who will not like this movie as they will expect more humor and less real life situations. When you keep the movie in the context it was intended it was very funny.


It was great to see Michael Moore fet slammed!. And I LOVED the depiction of the ACLU!...LMAO! Highly Recommend!

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