The Phantom (2009)

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Vlasta Vrana as Medical Examiner (2 episodes, 2009)
Luis Oliva as Dr. Jason Kim (2 episodes, 2009)
Millie Tresierra as Female Reporter (2 episodes, 2009)
Vito Tassielli as Jalil Ben-David (2 episodes, 2009)
Ron Lea as Detective Sgt. Sean Davidson (2 episodes, 2009)
Robert Crooks as Tommy Chin (2 episodes, 2009)
Cas Anvar as Raatib Singh (2 episodes, 2009)
Lorne Brass as Sven Johanssen (2 episodes, 2009)
Sandrine Holt as Guran (2 episodes, 2009)
Danette Mackay as Nina Alexandra Holliston (2 episodes, 2009)
Ellen David as Pam Moore (2 episodes, 2009)
Ian Finlay as TV Reporter (2 episodes, 2009)
Patrick Costello as Trevor Law (2 episodes, 2009)
Craig Thomas as Cop #1 (2 episodes, 2009)
Cameron Goodman as Renny Davidson (2 episodes, 2009)
Paula Jean Hixson as Bethany Ann Gardner (2 episodes, 2009)
Isabella Rossellini as Dr. Bella Lithia (2 episodes, 2009)
Trevor Hayes as Peter Lindford (2 episodes, 2009)
Cary Lawrence as Diana Walker (2 episodes, 2009)
Adam Bramble as DeWilde (2 episodes, 2009)
Vito DeFilippo as Utility Man (2 episodes, 2009)
Ryan Carnes as Chris Moore (2 episodes, 2009)
Al Dubois as TV Anchor (2 episodes, 2009)
Alain Goulem as Frank Moore (2 episodes, 2009)
Andrew Simms as Dale Everby (2 episodes, 2009)
Sylvain Landry as EMT - Male Partner (2 episodes, 2009)
Stéphane Demers as Stephan McDowell (2 episodes, 2009)
Patricia McKenzie as Anna Cooper (2 episodes, 2009)
Zhenhu Han as Hidaka (2 episodes, 2009)
Anthony Lemke as Detective Clark Ellis (2 episodes, 2009)
Sedina Balde as Jacquot (2 episodes, 2009)
Ivan Smith as Dr. Deepak Baboor (2 episodes, 2009)
Valérie Wiseman as Singh's Secretary (2 episodes, 2009)
Isaac Bellemare as Kit Walker - 4 years old (2 episodes, 2009)
Orla Johannes as TV Anchorwoman (2 episodes, 2009)
Jean Marchand as Abel Vandermaark (2 episodes, 2009)
Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles as Jordy Acevedo (2 episodes, 2009)
Mark Raphael as Tivkom Tech #1 (2 episodes, 2009)
Rick Shinkoda as Bandar Shaman (2 episodes, 2009)
Richard Stoica as Barista (2 episodes, 2009)
Faith Kerner as Little Tribal Girl (2 episodes, 2009)
Don Anderson as William Manchester (2 episodes, 2009)
Keir Cutler as Agent (2 episodes, 2009)
Eloi Archambaudoin as Personnel Clerk (2 episodes, 2009)
Éric Davis as Tivkom Lab Technician (2 episodes, 2009)
Gabriel Brown as Police Officer (2 episodes, 2009)
Tyler Hall as Singh Agent #1 (2 episodes, 2009)
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where is part 2?????


SF on 9/16. . It's a beautiful movie


Somehow, I've developed a knack for picking the right sub-titled movies to go to (my last was motorcycle diaries). Detective Dee was absolutely worth all the effort of watching. The accelerated action was incredible to watch, the graphics were eye-popping and the story was fun to see unfold. The entire time I bounced back and forth to who I thought was the bad guy - I loved that! In the end, I'm really glad I saw it.


Enjoyed the action and humor. Fun movie, very entertaining.


It's a fake story, but it is presented very touching

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