Alex Cross (2012)

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Dr. Alex Cross is on his last police duty to track down an assassin called Picasso, who's been torturing and killing rich businessmen in Detroit. Soon when the mission gets personal, Cross is pushed to the edge of his moral and psychological limits to end this once and for all.
Giancarlo Esposito as Daramus Holiday
Jean Reno as Leon Mercier
Werner Daehn as Erich Nunemacher
Edward Burns as Tommy Kane
Rachel Nichols as Monica Ashe
John C. McGinley as Richard Brookwell
Matthew Fox as Picasso
Tyler Perry as Dr. Alex Cross
Carmen Ejogo as Maria Cross
Cicely Tyson as Nana Mama
Stephanie Jacobsen as Fan Yau
Chad Lindberg as Vincent Dardis
Christopher Stadulis as Soon to Be Dead Man #1
Jessalyn Wanlim as Paramita Megawati
Yara Shahidi as Janelle Cross
Bonnie Bentley as Jody Klebanoff
Sayeed Shahidi as Damon Cross
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I think TP did a good job in Alex Cross. He challenged himself to do more than the comedy we are used to him being associated with as Madea. He pulled it off. I would love to see him doing more movies as himself. I believe that with his work ethic, he's only gonna get better!


it was a very very good movie.tyler perry did good for his first action film.i also cried,i loved it from start to finish!


This is an AWESOME movie. Not Tyler Perry's usual funny overcome the tragedy kind of movie. You run through the whole range of emotions as he is chasing and bringing justice to a serial killer/ assassin. Parts of the movie were intense....one part was particularly graphic. Because this wasn't Tyler Perry's signature, it was shockingly intense at times. He did an awesome job! He morphed well from the Drama genre to the Suspense/Action genre. Absolutely riveting!


The Good: Matthew Fox playing the bad guy "The Butcher" did an incredible job, scenes with him in it drew your attention, the way he acted, his expressions, and his plans and the way he executed them. The Bad: Everything else, this movie should have never used the name Alex Cross in it, as its a disappointment to all the books out there that were well written, and to previous movies like Kiss The Girls" and "Along Came A Spider". The story itself was poorly written, the dialogue was terrible to say the least, the acting ... if thats what you called it was below par, and finally the filming of this. The filming was so bad, that in many parts watching it, the movie was blurry, heads were cut off in scenes, and even towards the end, the fight scene, the camera was really shakey, almost as if it were attached to the catwalk they were fighting on, and bouncing all around and being shaken when the fight was going on. I'd give this 1 1/2 stars out of 4 myself, Wait for the DVD. Enjoy :)

Ms. Nicolette

I can understand WHY the critics would say don't go see it, but I thought it to be really good! I had a couple of twists and turns, I was not expecting one part that happened in the movie (I will not spoil it for you) and the ending was totally not expectant. Good work to the writers and to the producers--Tyler I just want you to find different ways of doing the disgusted face. It just reminded me of when you were on Oprah; find different ways of showing your distaste for something--other than that, great job!!

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