Cobra (1986)

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City cop is on the trail of a serial killer. Loaded with action and violence. Stallone fans will love this Rambo-like movie with Stallone on the chase instead of the run.
Sylvester Stallone
Brigitte Nielsen as Ingrid
Reni Santoni as Sergeant Gonzales
Andrew Robinson as Detective Monte
Brian Thompson as Night Slasher
John Herzfeld as Cho
Lee Garlington as Nancy Stalk
Art LaFleur as Captain Sears (as Art La Fleur)
Marco Rodríguez as Supermarket Killer (as Marco Rodriguez)
Ross St. Phillip as Security Guard
Val Avery as Chief Halliwell
David Rasche as Dan
John Hauk as Low Rider
Nick Angotti as Prodski
Nina Axelrod
John Hauk as Low Rider
Full cast
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I really liked this movie. It has wonderful special effects. I would recommend seeing this at the theaters. The story line jumps around alot and can be hard to follow at times. But other than that I think this was a well made movie. The actors did a great job.


I'm not gonna lie. I'm a huge fan of G.I.Joe when I was a little kid. I couldn't believe that they were doing a movie out of it! The movie had a lot, and I mean a lot of action. "COOL!"Their was a lot of noise, but we were just sitting near the speakers. The actors were "awful!" Channing Tatum, plz save that speech that you wanted to become an actor while you were a model. Marlan Wayans did an ok job. Sienan Miller was smoking "hot" in the movie. Snake Eye's ka-ra-te moves were also cool.There were even times that you feel like you want to get up and stretch, or feel like sleeping while there were fighting bad guys. It's best to watch the movie in theaters, but never rent, unless you didn't have the time to see it there. Personally, I'll give it a 6.5/10!


OK THIS MOVIE WAS SOOOO CORNY, BUT IT KEPT TRUE TO ITS TV SHOW AND COMIC BOOK ROOTS. hahaha my friend and i went and saw gijoe tonight at 1215am. if i was 12 id say it was the best movie ever made, and this year best actor should go to stormshadow, why? well not only does he kill people by hitting them in the head with throwingstars but he destroys the eiffel tower by shooting it with a chemical weapon mounted on the end of a rocket launcher and he also wears a white ninja suit the entire time. ohhhhh dont be decieved by the stupid trailers this movie is more exciting than putting a squirrel in your pants. you just have to sit back and imagine you are a kid watching cartoons. if you can get by that youll enjoy it the baroness and scarlett are both hot and snake eys walks across an alarmed room on his finger tips! look out for zartan you will laugh your___off but also be entertained by the action, the cgi sucks but so did the drawing in the cartoon. whats next a he-man movie i cant wait


When I first saw the previews I wasn't really drawn to the movie. I remember the series as a kid, and I loved it and that was the only reason that I wanted to see the movie. I went in after paying hoping for one hell of a good movie worth my hard-earned money and it was well worth it. The cast was great, the action scenes were awesome, and the fight scenes between snake eyes, and storm shadow was as always, stunning. There was humor that made you laugh, and action that made you sit on the end of the chair starring like a mindless drone. Don't take it to heart, or even better, read the negative reviews on this site. They need to hire a team of people to review these reviews and weed out the ignorant, and exponentially stupid ones. Seriously, how can you rate a movie when you haven't even seen it? Keep you biased opinions to yourself.


Its hard to give a review for a film based off of nothing but a cartoon, but with that said, if you go into the movie expecting some profoundly moving movie experience that will stay with you for days...then OF COURSE you will hate it. If you go into the movie knowing its full of fluff, one liners, the guy ALWAYS gets the girl and things always work out where the good guy wins and the villain lives to see another day, (and another movie in the series) then it was a REALLY GOOD MOVIE. Check it out

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