Awake (2007)

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While undergoing open heart surgery, a man's failed anesthetic leaves him completely alert, but paralyzed and unable to tell his doctors
Hayden Christensen as Young Clay
Jessica Alba as Sam Lockwood
Terrence Howard as Dr. Jack Harper
Lena Olin as Lilith Beresford
Christopher McDonald as Dr. Larry Lupin
Sam Robards as Clayton Beresford Sr.
Arliss Howard as Dr. Jonathan Neyer
Fisher Stevens as Dr. Puttnam
Georgina Chapman as Penny Carver
David Harbour as Count Dracula
Steven Hinkle as Young Clay
Denis O'Hare as Financial News Analyst
Charlie Hewson as Brian the Orderly
Court Young as Officer Doherty
Joseph Costa as Dr. Elbogen
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i absoloutly love this movie.


This movie sends a message I happen to love......( but I'm not going to spoil it). It's quite alarming and fun, but your not going to remember it next week.... I was entertained but I've come to expect more....worth a matinee on a slow day


Great directorial debut for Joby Harold! This movie had a shocking twist and a short and to the point script. The the storyline didn't need to drag on and on because it pulls you in from the first few minutes. Acting by Christensen, Alba, Olin and Howard was first rate - go see this film!


I went to this movie not expecting much, especially with a run time of under 1 hour 20 minutes; but nothing prepared me for what I was about to encounter in the operating room scene. Sure most people have heard of this unexplainable incidence of people who suffer the horror of not being put to sleep, even after being given anesthesia, but to actually see someone (yes, i know what your thinking, this is only a movie) experience, and during an open-heart surgery, it left me soul searching and searching for a barf bag! Lets just say the movie has an excellent plot, and the things people would do for money shows no limits, to be sure. Just be prepared for some heart-wrenching reality after leaving this one. pete in florida....:)


I liked the movie, but unless you are very grossed out by blood and surgical procedures, it is more like a mystery or a thriller than a real horror or suspense. It didn't have any of those moments that crept up on you and then jumped out at you. It was a good movie, with good acting, but one thing I noticed was that it didn't earn its "R" rating. I only heard slight profanity, and the medical part was just as bad as any Discovery Health show. There were some disturbing moments, but I wouldn't go to this movie if you are looking for a scare, but more of a thrilling mystery, like I mentioned before.

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