The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)

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The four Pevensie children return to Narnia, only to discover that hundreds of years have passed since they ruled there, and the evil King Miraz has taken charge. With the help of a heroic mouse called Reepicheep, and the exiled heir to the throne, Prince Caspian, they set out to overthrow the King, once again with Aslan's help.
Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian
Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie
Skandar Keynes as Edmund Pevensie
William Moseley as Peter Pevensie
Anna Popplewell as Susan Pevensie
Sergio Castellitto as King Miraz
Peter Dinklage as Trumpkin
Warwick Davis as Nikabrik
Vincent Grass as Doctor Cornelius
Pierfrancesco Favino as General Glozelle
Cornell John as Glenstorm
Damián Alcázar as Lord Sopespian
Alicia Borrachero as Queen Prunaprismia
Simón Andreu as Lord Scythley
Predrag Bjelac as Lord Donnon
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It's worth seeing on the big screen if you're a fan of the previous filmI I thought it was a decent adaptation (It's been awhile since I've read it) A tad long at 140 mins... Read some negative reviews about it being too violent for the kiddies I don't get that, there's a lot of sword clanking but very little blood Clever editing and cut away's keep the action from being too nasty Yeah, Aslan is only in the last 20 mins. But that's faithful to the book! Right?

peter the movie meter

We took our two children ages 9 & 11 on opening night looking forward to another great Narnia experience. My daughter enjoyed the costumes and fairy tale aspect of the story while my son liked the sword fighting and talking animals. Like my son, I too enjoyed the special effects of the animals coming to life and the humor had me laughing out loud on several occations. I think the movie falls short in creating "that magical experience of Narnia" that the 1st movie did so well. All in all, a safe movie choice but a bit more violent and longer than needed to be. The very worst part of the experience was that FANDANGO once again FAILED in the ability to have the kiosk ticket machines working . . . AGAIN!! So I paid a $4.00 convenience charge and waited four times longer to get in to see the movie . . .EEHHEM Fandango, if your going to sell a service please service your customers! Thanks for reading, Peter the Movie Meter


I saw an advance screening last night, I dont know where to begin! I absolutely loved it, a little off from the book but they definitely made up for it. My 24 year old brother and 52 year old mother watched it with me, both never seeing the first, both not movie fans and they both ended up LOVING it. We are watching the first one, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe together tonight! Not a boring part in any part of the movie! Will keep you entertained! I will be seeing this more than once!


They did an absolutely fabulous job. The characters were well acted and you were held spellbound through out the entire movie. A job well done. I will be seeing it again before it leaves the theaters. It is a little dark for little ones if they are not familiar with the story line. There is fighting, death and a kiss. Our 7 year old and 10 year old want to see this movie again.


This movie really lived up to, and is better than, the first!!!! It does justice to the book, and one can really see the development in the story and sense the overall darker, more grown-up tone. However, it can still be enjoyed by all ages!!!!!! I have already been to see it twice and I am hoping to see it at least one more time in theaters!

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