Loser (2000)

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There is a remarkable similarity to 1960's "The Apartment". Where the leading man falls in love with a woman who is in love with a more powerful character, but that character does not love the woman. The leading man rescues the woman and helps her recover, while helping her to believe that her love cares for her.
Mena Suvari as Dora Diamond
Steven Wright as Panty Hose Customer
Andy Dick as Another City Worker
Jason Biggs as Paul Tannek
Dan Aykroyd as Dad
Greg Kinnear as Prof. Edward Alcott
Colleen Camp as Homeless Woman
Zak Orth as Adam
Jimmi Simpson as Noah
Robert Miano as Victor
Thomas Sadoski as Chris (as Tom Sadoski)
Bobby Slayton as Sal
Twink Caplan as Gena
Brian Backer as Doctor
Mollie Israel as Annie (as Mollee Israel)
Full cast
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I don't know why people keep whining about a story line. Were you entertained? That is the whole point of a movie. I personally do not need a great story line if it has as much action and humor as The Losers. Great character development and very fun to watch. It probably won't win any big awards, but will have a pretty good DVD sale.


The movie is campyand sometime self-indulgent, but it is action-packed and doesnot lack comic relief, from most of the characters. This is a fun movie for most ages, although there is on rather suggestive scene.


They say-if you're really cool,you don't have to say you're cool. Losers should have put this philosophy into their movie. 95% of the lines,walks and looks were all about the "cool"...to a nauseating degree. Pooch was the only one who got me to relate. The plot was way difficult to make out, what happened with Roque was like an off the cuff idea thrown in,without suitable ....well,anything...to explain or something...extremely dissatisfying. I have to admit that I got turned off close to the beginning with that inane and implausible fight scene with Clay and Aisha. What was her character about,anyway? Not the character from the comic at all,and too sleazy and badly dressed to convince us there was any acting or story. Real wannabe film and I hope,I hope there is no more.


This movie was just plain second rate. Almost everything is borrowed from other flicks, 'jokes' were practically spoon fed. I felt like I was watching my kid brothers favorite show on Disney when it came to catching on. The fight in the hotel? WTH? No reason,unbelievable and they came out without even a smudge on them. Zoe looks good,but someone gave her the wrong idea of who her character was and the wrong look. We're really not that stupid. Good actors,especially Idris Alba and Columbus Short. Need better scripts.Maybe rent for some obvious laughs. Do appreciate no nudity or too much sex.Language wasn't bad either.That's why I don't give this movie a NO


Seriously? I don't know who looked at the previews to this and said; "Wow - this is going to be an amazing movie". Come on! - you can tell it will be a popcorn-cliche-kinda-fun movie. And it was. And it was done well. I think it will lose it's in-your-face-big-screen effect on DVD - so throw down the 10 bucks, buy lots of food and enjoy! (Not for the kiddies.)

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